Training Courses

Training Course in Germany

23 November german partner organized their Training Course, as well as their National Conference.

32 people assisted in the Conference and 10 in the training course.

They discussed about the role of the volunteers and the teahcer as well as how to implement interactive groups in their own courses.

Participants said at the end that they could imagine working in interactive groups in their own courses and that they also understood how the method is transferable to any other subject and not only to digital competences. 


Training Course in Sweden

11 October FOLAC/RIO did their digiUP training course.

Among other things, they discussed Why, What and How interactive groups works.

They did exercises with the group and discussions based on the Interactive guide. 

Training Course in Barcelona

15 of December FACEPA and AGORA associations organized their training course.

The training course was moderated by one of experts of the Quality Evaluation Groups, expert in Interactive Groups in mathematics.

People from la Verneda school, teachers, and ITC especialists came to learn how to implement Interactive Groups!

Training Course in Bulgaria

13 of December Amalipe Center celebrated their training course in order to teach how to organize the class with digiUP Methodology

At leas 13 persons assisted to the trainig course.


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