Final Conference



Final Conference is one of the main events to disseminate the project outputs and contributions.

Who is coming?

  • Two representatives (one learner and one staff ) of each National Coordination Commmittee of all partner's countries
  • Teachers, adult education providers, migrant and roma organizations focused on education issues and other professionals organizing digital competence coursesadults, experts, volunteers, those who are interested in interactive groups, etc

Who will be the key speakers?

  • Experts in the field of Successful Educational Actions, interactive groups and adult education.
  • Learners of the National Coordination Committes for each country
  • Adult educators, volunteers member of National Coordination Committees 

What I will learn  if I come?

Interactive Guide will be launched. This guide offers all material (theoric and practical) about this Successful Education Action. You will be able to apply this on your organization!

You will have the pleasure to know how Interactive Groups work and benefit learners explained by experts and professionals and participants!

You will learn concrete tools and elements to strength the social inclusion and active participation of disadvantage groups.

You will listen the contributions and experiences of learners that have worked on interactive groups on digital competence pilot course

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