Digital competence

The project digiUP aimed to work on the five areas of ICT competence based on the digital European framework EUROPASS:

Information processing: Capacity to use advanced search strategies to find reliable information on the Internet, to use web feeds to be updated with contents of interest, to assess information critically, to save information in different formats and to use cloud information storage services.

Communication: Capacity to use communication applications online, to create and manage contents with collaboration tools, to use online services, etc.

Content creation: Capacity to produce content in different formats (tables, text, images, etc.), to modify multimedia content, to create web page, to apply licenses and copyrights, etc.

Safety: Capacity to protect electronic devices, to check the security configuration and systems of devices and applications, to react if a devise is infected by a virus, to configure the firewall of digital devices, to apply filters to spam e-mails, etc.

Problem solving: Capacity to choose the right tool, device, application, software or service to solve non-technical problems, to frequently update digital skills, etc.