Training Course

The partners of the digiUP project developed an 8-hour training course to help those wanting to start their own interactive groups. The course format was tested in all partner countries, here you can find the structure and concrete tasks of the training course in case you would like to organise a training yourself. 

In order to prepare our participants for our training courses we used the flipped classroom method of presenting some questions and materials to the participants before the training took place.

They received an email one week before the course with the following questions to think about:

  • What does it mean to be digitally included?  
  • Do you have some examples from your previous experience of good digital inclusion work that you can share?

We also included the digiUP Methodology in our mail to the participants and we asked them to skim through it to get an overview of what we were going to work on.

This saved us some time in the training, it gave the participants some ideas before we met and it also provided us as course leaders with the opportunity to start with a group discussion almost at once.

Here you find the work plan of the Training Course: 

The English version TrainingCourse_DigiUP_english

The Spanish version Program Digiup trainingcourse-español

The German version Program Digiup trainingcourse-German_final

The Swedish version Program Digiup trainingcourse-Swedish

The Bulgarian version Program Digiup trainingcourse-Bulgarian

To help you to see how a course was carried out in our project you find here the report of our Swedish partner: ReportTrainingCourse-Sweden


Impressions from the Training Courses in the partner countries