The volunteers are coordinators of interactions and they are there in order to make sure that the diversity in the classroom so that everyone reaches de same level of knowledge; asking questions intended to promote critical thinking and to make sure that everyone can participate, for example. They don’t act as teachers, since they don’t explain any content and don’t correct the activities. Therefore, it is not necessary for volunteers to have specific knowledge about digital competences in order to participate in the classroom. They interact with the participants individually and in group and also inform the teacher about the progress of the task and what they observe.

It is important to have a volunteer in every group because they are the ones specifically in charge of ensuring that the right interactions take place and they might have ways of helping that are different from the teacher’s. If no volunteers were found, exceptionally, the teacher is the one who has to ensure that all the groups manage themselves as adults so that those interactions take place.

WHO can be a volunteer?

  • People from the community.
  • Family members of the participants.
  • University students.
  • Former participants.

“At the beginning I was like… It was difficult to accept this issue, the way of working. Because I was volunteering and I had this vocation to always [help]. Then, it has been difficult to me take a step back, and initially I was sometimes upset, being honest, because I thought: “But then, why do they need volunteers?” And, I don’t know when but my mindset changed and I realized that truly... This is effective; this way of collaborating all together. Also, as Anna says, links of friendship and trust are established, so they are important, and I have also realized that this way of working has become part of them and they put it in practice in other classes. […] Well, I like to see that yes, this has been really very effective”. Volunteer of the digiUP Pilot Course in Spain.

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Do you still have some questions about volunteers? Don’t hesitate to check out our full guide that you find under Support Materials!