The role of the teacher

The role of the volunteers

The role of the participants

- Plans the class

- Coordinates the volunteers

- Coordinates the activities developed in class

- Interacts with the participants

- Facilitates interactions

- Ensures dialogic and equal participation of everyone in class

- Stimulates cooperation between participants

- Facilitates tutoring and mutual help between equals

- Corrects the activities with the participants

- Solves doubts when the participants cannot do it by themselves

- Facilitates the participants’ self-assessment at the beginning and at the end of the course

“I was really only there to provide support and give the initial input.” See more here

- Interact with the participants

- Facilitate the interactions between participants/, ensuring that they all:

- Understand the activity

- Help each other

- Finish the activity

- Participate equally

- Encourage students with different cultures and learning levels to contribute their different points of view

- Inform the teacher of the progress they have observed in the class





“At the beginning, it was difficult to take a step back.” See more here

- Work together in heterogeneous groups in order to solve the tasks given by the teacher

- Make sure that everyone in the group understands the task and, if not, help one another to solve it together

- Participate equally

- Help other groups when they have finished their own task, so that they all can finish and understand it

- Self-assess their digital competencies at the beginning and at the end of the course







“...being in groups gave me a lot of confidence.” See more here