The last output of the project: Training Course in all countries.

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Third Transnational Meeting in Barcelona 26-27 October

26 27 October all partners of the consortium came to Barcelona in order to do the third transnational meeting. Among other things, we discussed about the sustainability of the project and its impact!

Some photos of the Final Conference in Barcelona!

National Conference in Bulgary: 

More than 40 people assisted to the National Conference that had the aim to familiarize educators with "Interactive Groups"!

They discussed about the dialogical approach of learning and the roles in the classroom, the results of the project, the motivation of participants and so on. 



First Transnational Meeting

21 & 22 April 2016 Barcelona


Second Transnational Meeting

8th & 9th November 2016


Good news from Sweden...!

"You can learn from the expereince and skills of the others, and you are always working actively"
Participant of NCC in Germany
""You can notice the people who help others, and get things easily. Then you start suggesting it to them; "would you like to help out as a volunteer? I teach the class… and if there are some things I can’t get to, maybe you can". Then they start helping out, and when one leaves another one comes"".
Teacher of an ITC course in Spain

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"I think that the ones who learn more, are those who share”.
Participant of the digiUP pilot course in Spain

It has been really useful for me to have studied in this program, and I liked how practical it was and the dynamic of team work, helping each other, and this way we have advanced more easily” 

Participant of the digiUP pilot course in Spain

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Interactive Guide (OUTPUT 2)

The second output of the project, the INTERACTIVE GUIDE, is now available for everyone, and you will find videos, activities, photos and much more about Interactive Groups in ICT!!!